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Youve been clicking around online for a while now and you stumbled upon my page. It looks pretty similar to others youve seen before. You decide aw heck, why not? and contact me. The Contact Me button has been clicked and your phone dings - Its me! We set up a Zoom date with coffee in hand.

Your first impression is that I look like the average lady with a camera. We start with small talk and feel our way around our personalities. As the conversation progresses you realize there is something important happening right now. You found YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER. You are home (figuratively and physically of course because these are pandemic times).

1) I adore people. I adore cultures and stories. I want to hear about yours
2) Grew up in L.A. - an epicenter of creativity, strangeness and freedoms 
3) Mom, girlfriend and pun master extroardinaire
4) My music choices would likely surprise you
5) Flowers are my jam
6) My experience in the military and MANY various jobs gives me a strong work ethic, ability to navigate any situation and broad understanding of things and people
7) Book FIEND! (Favorite authors are Margaret Atwood, Ayn Rand, John Clavel, Pearl S. Buck)
8) Our cool cats name is Gary Lazer Eyes

Want to know more about me?

Working with Gillian was so much fun! She is so patient,professional and knowledgeable. I love how passionate she is with her work and her personality helps capture the best moments. Thanks Gillian!



I am in love with the pictures! Thank you so so so much.



Gill made this experience one that I will never forget! My boyfriend and I were very nervous and reserved at first. She made us laugh and helped make us not look so awkward while posing! I got the photos back within a week of taking them and there is not a single one that I am not completely in love with! By far the best time I have had in a long time! Thank you for capturing our love so perfectly!


- carrie m.

Wow! I am amazed with how beautiful our photos are! Gillian was very professional and friendly. She made the experience amazingly fun for my entire family. We felt very comfortable and at ease with her. She was able to get great shots without making any of us feel awkward. I cant even out put into words how great she was with my children, especially my shy son! If you are looking for a great photographer and an awesome experience, I definitely recommend Gillian Menzie Photography! You wont be disappointed!


- candace t.

My son wanted to thank you, he said you made him feel comfortable. Thank you for making our afternoon wonderful.